The Coopertown Civic Association is a nonprofit neighborhood association that was chartered in 1952. 

Coopertown is a community with a rich history of organizing local annual community events planned by the Association and Neighbor Volunteers.  Our motto, "Where Neighbors Help Neighbors" isn't just words, it has true meaning.  Coopertown is a place where kids ride bikes and play games in the streets.  Parents can be found planning family events and car pools. We come together to support each other and because of this, our community thrives.  

The mission of the CCA is to continue to foster a sense of community where everyone belongs and everyone is welcome. 

We encourage you to be an active member of this community. Volunteer and get involved!  Even the smallest form of service is a great help.  It is your participation that will keep our traditions strong. 

Meet the CCA Board

Co-President: Julie Woldin
Co-President: Rianna Collier -
Treasurer: Girish Patwardhan -
Membership Chair: Neha Butala -
Secretary: Lisa Schaffer -
Social Chair: Pamela
Fundraising: Open
Web/Email/Design/Communications - Lauren Milewski