About The Holiday Card


For many years, the Coopertown Community has benevolently cared for neighbors in need. This is truly "neighbors helping neighbors". This year, we welcome your nominations and donations which are maintained confidential. As in years past, we split the proceeds among our nominated families.

Nominations from the below form are sent directly to Rianna Collier, 2019-2020 CCA Co-President and Treasurer and are due by December 14th.


Please make donation check out to Coopertown Civic Association and put “holiday card” in the memo. Checks should be mailed to Rianna Collier at 217 Morlyn.

The Future of the Holiday Card

We would like to share with you some thoughts about the future of this program. We recognize that there are greater needs in our broader community, and many have suggested that we direct our donations to a local charity instead. Respectfully, we also submit that the nomination receiving process is very sensitive and presents some challenges. It is for these reasons that we are considering directing the donations to groups in our community, in place of neighbor nominations in the future. This season we are pleased to include Ardmore Food Bank, and Eldernet in Bryn Mawr for our giving, as well as to neighbors if we receive any nominations.

We need your input on the program and are providing a space on this form, and online, for you to submit your preference for the future. Would you be willing to have all donations split among local charities? Or would you prefer to maintain the Coopertown funds within the neighborhood? All of this said, the CCA is always ready willing and able to facilitate charitable actions to aid some on in our neighborhood, no matter the season.

What is your preference for the future of the Holiday Card funds? *
Your selection will be completely anonymous.