Coopertown Youth Baseball

Since 1995 the Coopertown Civic Association has proudly hosted the Coopertown Youth Baseball league. Offering T-Ball and Machine Pitch divisions for children ages 4 to 9, we typically have 260+ boys and girls from families in the greater Havertown / Haverford / Bryn Mawr (PA) area. Our season runs from early April through early June.

The primary objectives of the Coopertown Youth Baseball league are to maximize fun and to provide basic baseball instruction to boys and girls. We do not keep score and do not keep standings. There are no practices, playoffs or weekend games. We do our best to keep team rosters to a dozen players or less and logically group players with friends, classmates, etc. Please note that we are NOT an instructional league - all of our coaches are volunteers.

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Registration for the 2020 season will open in March of 2020.
Registration is a two-step process.

Step 1. Please register your child by clicking on the “Register Now” button below.


Step 2. Please pay your registration fee by clicking on the “Pay Registration Fee” button below, or be sure to check the “I’ll pay by check” box on the registration form, if you prefer to pay by check.

Note, your registration will not be considered complete and you will not receive a spot on the team until both steps are completed.


If you prefer to pay by check, please print the registration form and mail your check to P.O. 383 Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Applications are taken on a first come, first served basis.  Registration is limited by field availability and the number of coaching volunteers.  Registering early and volunteering to coach will maximize the likelihood your day-of-week and teammate requests are met.

Rates are (per player) $55 for Coopertown Community Association (CCA) members and $65 for non-CCA members.  (Current-year CCA dues must have been paid separately in order to qualify for CCA rates.)  $10 late fee (per player) if payment is not received by the 3rd Saturday in March.  Your registration is not complete until payment is received.

You will be contacted by a coach regarding team assignment(s) at least one week before the season opens.

Complimentary registrations are available for economically-disadvantaged families.  If you are aware of youths you feel would be appropriate in this regard, please let us know.


All games are 6:30-7:30 pm on the Coopertown Elementary School ball fields at Coopertown Road & Highland Avenue. All teams follow either a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday format.  Please note, depending on the number of registrations games may be limited to just Tuesday/Thursday

This year's schedule can be downloaded below. We offer three divisions: *

  • Beginner T-Ball for 4 yr olds

  • T-Ball for 5 and 6 yr olds

  • Machine Pitch for 7 to 9 yr olds

Players should bring a glove, water bottle, (optionally) cleats, and as the season progresses, bug spray.  The league provides jerseys, caps, and all necessary game equipment, though it's certainly okay to bring your own bats & helmets if you'd like.

Game Rules

  • No inning shall be started after 7:30 PM

  • In all divisions, no game scores will be kept.

  • In all divisions, each TEAM gets the same number of turns at bat.

  • In the four-year old and T-Ball divisions, every player shall have an at-bat each inning. Although outs will not be recorded, the players in the field should be coached to play the ball with the objective of realizing an out. For example, if a batter hits the ball to the second baseman, the second baseman should be coached to make the throw to first base to cause an out. In this example, in the event the throw from the second baseman is caught by the first baseman prior to the batter reaching first base, the runner is still allowed to stay on the base while the second and first basemen should be recognized by the coach for having performed an out. You may want to consider having a coach play first base.

  • In the Machine Pitch division, outs will be recorded (except for strikeouts which will not be recorded). A team’s turn at bat is over upon the first to occur of three outs, or one time through the batting order. Thus if, for example, the first three batters of Team A make outs during their turns at bat, Team A’s turn at bat is immediately over and they return to the field. When Team A next has a turn at bat, the fourth player in the batting order should be the first batter of the subsequent inning. In the absence of any outs recorded in this next inning, the third player in the batting order would then be the final batter for Team A. In this format it is possible that not all players will get the same number of at bats as his/her teammates.

  • In the Machine Pitch division, in order to keep up the pace of play, players should be allowed no more than 6 pitches/swings before being awarded first base. Thus if the player is having difficulty hitting the ball, after 6 pitches the player is instructed to go to first base.

A Few Requests of the Parents

  • While the coaches take the lead, parental support during the game is welcome.  For those in the Beginners (4s) division, we ask that a parent/guardian be near the field at all times.

  • While it's rarely been a problem, parents are reminded to conduct themselves appropriately.

  • Each game ends with a team snack, responsibility for which rotates amongst the parents as communicated by the coach.  More on the snacks here.

  • So that we remain in the Township and School District's good graces, parents are asked to help ensure the fields are clean after the games.

And a final word of warning:  there are no bathrooms available to us.

* As we are not a competitive league, there is flexibility in regards to age.  For example, if you have a fairly-athletic almost-4 year old, he'd be welcome in our 4 year old division.  Or, if you have a 6 year old who can hit the cover off the ball, feel free to request that she be in machine pitch.  Conversely, if you have a 7 year old who doesn't know much about baseball, feel free to request he play a year of t-ball first.  The ages are meant as a guide to group players by similar ability and maturity.


We need 3 or 4 coaches per team to make the league work.  Volunteers are greatly appreciated.

  • Please volunteer even if you can't be there every night -- that's one of the main reasons we like having three coaches per team.

  • As we are not an Instructional league, parenting skills are more important than baseball skills -- helping the kids be safe, where they need to be, and focused on the game.

  • Volunteering to coach can help maximize the likelihood your teammate and day-of-week requests are met.

  • Plus you'll get a team jersey and cap, get to be in the team picture, and no doubt will receive the everlasting appreciation of a bunch of great kids.

Following is some coaching advice.



  • Anyone with a bat in their hand, on base, or in close proximity to home-plate must wear a helmet.

  • Caps under helmets are recommended.


  • No throwing the bats.

  • Do not allow persons to crowd home-plate area.

  • Other than the batter, practice swings with coach’s permission only.

  • Only use balls labeled CCA. Never use a standard 'hard' baseball.


  • There are first aid kits in every bag.

  • Use common sense and caution on any serious injury. For example, no climbing on the backstops.

  • Immediately report any meaningful injuries to the Commissioner.

    Inclement Weather

  • Games stop immediately if thunder/lightning.

The Games


  • Each team gets same number of at-bats

  • Everyone bats each inning

  • Maximum 6 pitches/swings, then batter to first base


  • No score kept

  • No outs

  • 3 outs or once through the order


  • Try to allow kids to play all positions during the season

  • Control the chaos

  • Use the machine

  • Start promptly at 6:30. Don’t penalize those arriving on time to wait for those who are late.

  • Do not start a new inning after 7:30 PM

  • Do not hold practices

The Fields

—> Click Here for Map of the Fields

  • Our permits allow us first right to the field from 6:00 to 7:30. If anyone gives you a hard time, contact the Commissioner.

  • Do not play on a wet field.

  • Please make sure the field is clean after the game.

  • There are no bathrooms … remind your families to take care of business before they head to the game.

The Equipment

Bags & tags

  • Helmets & bats are bagged by size, so please be sure to use the right equipment bag.

  • Balls are labeled & specific to each division. Please only use balls labeled CCA.

  • 1st aid kit w/ extra ice bags

  • Please let the Commissioner know if something needs attention

  • The equipment lock boxes are now located on the north side of the basketball court.  It is vital that the coaches close and lock the equipment boxes at the end of each evening.  If there are four bags in the right box, close and lock it.  If there are three bags and two pitch machines in the left box, close and lock it.

  • The pitch machines must be plugged in after each and every use.  Not only will this ensure the machine is fully charged for the next game, it will prolong the life of the (not inexpensive) battery.

  • Pitch machine instructions can be found below.

The Kids

  • The kids are depending upon you to be there.  It is your responsibility to find a sub/recruit a parent.

  • Players are to wear team t-shirts and hats during the games.

  • We are not an instructional league – introduce rules and skills only as you are able.

  • Encourage good sportsmanship:  no trash talking; no backwards hats; team cheer and handshake after each game.

  • For any team assignment issues, please contact the Commissioner.

The Snacks

The coaches are responsible for setting and communicating the snack schedule, including snack advice.

  • God have mercy on the poor parent who forgets the snack.

  • For better or worse, the ice cream truck has as much of a right to be there as we do. 

  • For tips on snacks, click here.

The Parents & Communication

  • Once you have your roster, your next step is to call and/or email your parents.  The Commissioner will provide a sample communication.

  • Please send to the Commissioner any contact information corrections.

  • Talk to the parents on the first night – tell them what to expect.

  • Rainout communications: The Commissioner emails you, you then email your team. Also communicated on web, via text, and Facebook. Please remember (1) if the Township or School District closes the field, it's out of the Commissioner's hands, and (2) the Commissioner is not a meteorologist.

If you only remember three things

  1. Keep everyone safe.

  2. Maximize fun.

  3. You are the face of the league, and its future is in your hands.


Your coach will be your primary source for league communications, reminding you of upcoming events and, most critically, weather cancellations.  Weather cancellations will also be communicated on a banner on this page at the top, on our league Facebook page, and via text (if so desired).