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We need 3 or 4 coaches per team to make the league work. Please volunteer even if you can't be there every night -- that's one of the main reasons we like having three coaches per team. Parenting skills are more important than baseball skills -- helping the kids be safe, where they need to be, and focused on the game. Plus you'll get a team jersey and cap, get to be in the team picture, and no doubt will receive the everlasting appreciation of a bunch of great kids.
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Sponsors and future commissioners
I hereby consent and agree that my child may participate in the Coopertown Baseball Program. I, on behalf of my child, and on behalf of myself and my spouse, intending to be legally bound, and in exchange for permitting my child to participate in the Coopertown Baseball Program and for other valuable consideration, do hereby fully RELEASE and DISCHARGE the Coopertown Civic Association (its officers and members), as well as the Township and School District of Haverford, of and from all liability for any and all injuries to myself, spouse and/or child or any other claim of whatever kind during participation in the Coopertown Baseball Program or while present at any location thereof. I Further do hereby agree to INDEMNIFY and HOLD HARMLESS the Coopertown Civic Association (its officers and members) in any civil action arising out of participation by or presence of, myself, spouse, and/or child in the Coopertown Baseball Program.
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Knowing the school helps us form logical teams.
Every attempt will be made to honor requests. Special requests for teammate assignments are made on a “first come, first served” basis and are contingent upon the number of children registered and the number of coaching volunteers. Please confirm day and division preference with selected friend(s).
As we are not a competitive league, there is flexibility in regards to age. The ages are meant as a guide to group players by similar ability and maturity.
All games are either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. If you have day-of-week flexibility, 'either is fine' is greatly appreciated to help us balance the league.